I believe that every child has the right to a safe and magical place. A place where they can be themselves, grow and dream. I believe that love and kindness is the right way to get there. 


My tribute to that is by the art and interior design for a childs room. From the stories and the creatures in the art to the sustainability of the design products. It's in the way a room, a piece of furniture or a piece of art makes you feel.  The sensation you get, the shapes, textures, sounds and smells.  

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Johanna Artist and founder of HILDELOV

Deep in the heart of Sweden surrounded by golden fields and a blushing skyes the creatures and interior design of HILDELOV is born. It's a small company with a i big heart. 


I want to inspire children to follow their hearts, go fore there dreams and be who ever they want to be. All the creatures of HILDELOV have there own story of bravery and kindness. They want to give the world love and acceptance in hope that it will spread  and fill even more people with joy and happiness.

It's the love of the colors and shapes of nature as well as the compassion for others that brings out the magic. Nature is so important and we all have to take care of it as well as each other. That's why we are working to have the best products as possible not just for the quality but for the earth. 


There is magic all around and its our privilege to share it with the world.


Love Jo

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